The team at Richard Dawes Fine Wine, a young, yet extremely knowledgeable London based wine merchant, have compiled a list of wines that will be sure to impress ‘that guy’  (we all have one at our wedding ) and ensure that your special day is filled with merriment. 




For the first time in a few years, the three of us made the trip down to Bordeaux for Primeurs week. This is the week when merchants from all over the world come to visit the Chateaux to try barrel samples from the previous harvest prior to their release throughout late Spring and early Summer. The...

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It is a great pleasure to be sharing the amazing wines from Sanguis with you. Winemaker Matthias Pippig’s first release from Sanguis was in 2005 having worked at various other estates including Sine Qua Non. Although there are several parallels to be drawn between Sanguis and SQN, both in winemaker...

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