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‘Tales of The Angler's Eldorado’ is a wonderfully  detailed account of Zane Grey’s journey to the mighty steelhead rivers of New Zealand. Zane Grey was a prolific American writer, fisherman and explorer, and it was in 1926 that he battled with some of the most fearsome fish before arriving to take on the giant steelhead of the Tongariro. Don’t worry, this is not a biography on Zane Grey, but he has inspired me to go in search of wild fish, and I’m sure he would have been quite a bloke to shoot the breeze with over a decent bottle of wine. 
Fishing is not dissimilar to fine wine, it becomes obsessive and philosophical -  the hunt for the great unknown, the collecting, the fascination with the possibility of snagging a beauty and being the first to get a taste of it. As with those rare bottles, discovering ones own  ‘Angler’s Eldorado’ is magic. Mine is the River Huseyjarkvisl in the North of Iceland, this is a mysterious desolate landscape where big Sea Trout run up the deep meandering waters and take no prisoners. 
Last September was my second visit to the Husey which proved as tough and rugged as the first, but the rewards are worth it. Needless to say the adventure incorporates a few well earned bottles once the waders are shed of an evening, followed by some inventive cuisine, more often than not involving sausages. Zane Grey would have embraced it, and probably caught more fish than all of us…
“He introduced them to me, and I found them exceedingly interesting, as I have found so many Englishmen. I did not need to be told they had been in the war. I was particularly interested in their voyage to New Zealand, which was for the same purpose as ours – the wonderful possibility of adventure, especially fishing” – Zane Grey, Tales of The Angler’s Eldorado 1926
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