The team at Richard Dawes Fine Wine, a young, yet extremely knowledgeable London based wine merchant, have compiled a list of wines that will be sure to impress ‘that guy’  (we all have one at our wedding ) and ensure that your special day is filled with merriment. 




£19.95 per bottle
After the ceremony your guests will want to quench their thirst after so much excitement. The Cuvee selection from Jean Diot is a wonderfully refreshing champagne and spot on for this type of occasion. A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, it has a soft elegant nose with notes of apples and peaches. As a close comparison, the blend isn’t dissimilar to Pol Roger, but this is a fraction of the price! 



£15.00 per bottle
If you want an alternative to white wine then look no further than the Chase Rose, a crisp, fruity wine with notes of grapefruit, peaches and aromas of Provence. This wine is an instant hit with anyone who is lucky enough to sample it. Maison William also produces wines with exceptional style. The bottles are definitely eye catching and will impress your guests on a warm summer’s day.



Bourgogne Chardonnay Combe 2014, Marc Colin
£14.00 per bottle
The perfect wedding white from Puligny-Montrachet in Burgundy. This wine has a light bouquet of dried orange peel and grapefruit, it is a seriously drinkable white that is a total crowd pleaser and is light and refreshing enough to be enjoyed on it’s own, but equally would pair well with most foods,  and to top it off it won’t break the bank. 



Fontodi Chianti Classico 2013
A classic Chianti from Tuscany in Italy. This wine is perfectly balanced, with a rich intensity. Perfumed with plums, cherries and tobacco, it is juicy, delicious and highly drinkable and rates very highly with the critics. It is also fun when bought as a large format, lets face it, wedding guests would definitely be impressed with a striking magnum of seriously great wine plonked in front of them. 

How many bottles do I need? 

As an example, if you have 160 guests coming to your wedding, then we recommend buying 90 bottles of fizz, you will need approximately 60 bottles for the reception and 30 or so for the toast. Consider doing your speeches before food and you can cut back on the extra bottles for the toast and get those nerve wracking speeches over and done with. Then buy 90 bottles of wine, split between white, red and rose, if your wedding is in the summer. Based on the climate you will want to adjust your ratio. This works out at just over 1 bottle per head, which may seem meagre, but don’t forget that there will be a proportion of drivers, children and pregnant women who won’t drink a drop, ensuring that your best man and bridesmaids can get stuck in! 

Other Tips

Make sure you choose your glasses wisely. It really adds to the finishing touches and a small wine glass can be a big disappointment. Lots of hire companies offer a great selection of glasses now, from coloured water glasses to champagne coupes. 

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