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We were honoured to be joined by Eric Baugher, Vice President and wine maker at Ridge Vineyards, for the first of what we hope will many Winemaker Dinners last week. The Library Room at Vauxhall’s Brunswick House provided an intimate and dramatic setting for a most enjoyable evening. Jackson Boxer s...

The dust has just about settled on our annual tasting, held last night on Grosvenor Street in Mayfair. Firstly, we’d like to thank all those who came – it was great to see a lot of familiar faces and plenty of new ones too. Hopefully you found something to your liking and maybe discovered somethin...
With Autumn approaching, my casserole dish will start to get a bit more action. Making big batches of slow cooked dishes is great for when I have groups of people over or for freezing in portions and keeping in the freezer for a rainy day. Another great thing about these dishes is I can start to thi...
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We’re a fan of a team lunch here at RDFW HQ. Most Fridays we will get together for some food and a glass of something to usher in the weekend. We have left no stone unturned in the Battersea area looking for gastronomic treats but it appears something had passed us by. An understated chalk board out...
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You will need:
2 Racks of babyback ribs
1 head of fennel
2 banana shallots
Tomato purée
Chilli flakes
1 lemon
Vegetable stock
Fennel seed
Red wine
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
First, cut both racks into two pieces. Heat some olive oil in the bottom of a casser...
Every 4 years, the nation gets together to share the disappointment of another World Cup campaign and 2014 looks set to go down as a textbook failure from our fearless boys in white. World Cup games do, however, provide a good chance to have dinner and a few drinks. So, last night, the Richard Daw...
Sundays are sacred as you are allowed to be a bit grumpy, it is about quiet, relaxation, and the newspaper, and most importantly you don’t have to trek anywhere. Having said that, my last Sunday was beautifully corrupted. A friend (who is in the know about all things food in London) emailed in excit...
We were meant to be married on the 1st December 2012 but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone until Spring 2013. In the meantime, I thought it would a nice surprise to take the future wife a.k.a 'The Blonde' on a surprise trip to Florence. Neither of us had visited Italy before so I th...
No, not the boozer in the food mecca that is Bermondsey Street SE1, very different. There had been talk amongst friends of a little pub which carries a ‘bin end’ list with very gentlemanly mark ups, so on a recent trip to Winchester an adventure to The Woolpack Inn was in order. This is a fantastic...
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People spend ages trying to find the best food-wine combination. Port and Stilton, Foie Gras and Sauternes, Champagne and Oysters are all worth a look, but these always seems over elaborate. My favourite match is simple - take the best (and oldest) bottle of red you can find and drink it alongside t...
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