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NV - 'R' de Ruinart Brut 
Richard Dawes Fine Wine:

Classic Chardonnay-dominated nose with notes of apple, lemon, butter and toffee. Similar flavours on the palate with a lively, fresh acidity make this an ideal aperitif.

NV - Ruinart Rose Brut
Richard Dawes Fine Wine:
Attractive rose gold...
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As a bit of a Vilmart fan, I was delighted to be invited to visit the property and have lunch with Laurent Champ. The sleepy, snow-covered village of Rilly-La-Montagne seemed a far cry from the madness of Epernay. Arriving at the property, it felt less like a Champagne cellar and more an intimate Bu...
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We’ve been going a bit Champagne mad at RDFW over the last month or so and January seems to be continuing this trend.

Recently we’ve been enjoying some really great Meursault-esque wines from Vilmart. These are vinous, voluptuous and really quite special. They are instantly reminiscent of the great...
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